June 29, 2010

[ so many reasons... ]

...you know - like 130!?

I just got an email from the photographers who handled my graduation pics. They had these babies included:

Imagine what I looked like on the THREE jumbo trons. THREE!
I have a picture from last July to compare it to - it's when I walked for my undergrad.
I don't have it to post, unfortunately...
but I assure you -
there is a difference.

Just today, I sat at my desk and looked at the 5 cups from various take-out places.
And wondered why seeing those cups wasn't enough to get me riled up about losing weight.

What is wrong with me?


Edited to add what I ate for dinner.

We don't have a whole lot in the house; we are going on vacation starting on Sunday, so I thought we would eat from our pantry and freezer.

Tonight, we had lettuce (a leaf of romaine) wraps with brown rice, black beans & corn, shredded chicken (rotisserie from Costco), and a little raspberry vinaigrette to top it off.

It was fantastic!!

It felt really good to eat it!

Tomorrow is going to be just as good.

June 21, 2010

[um, i could be doing better]

We ate very well this weekend and also loaded up on water. We did have pizza Friday night, but other than that - salads, turkey sandwiches, and even more salads.

Then... I couldn't say no to a bagel this morning.
So, I had Subway for lunch.

I know I can do better than this.

For three weeks now I have been *meaning* to get up at 5am and get my gut/butt to the gym. THREE WEEKS! Why can't I just do it?

I have another Chiro appointment today; at least I am getting in my stretches.

I could be doing so much better.

June 19, 2010

[had fun, ate well...wait, i look like that?]

Today, the family and I went up to the lake. We took a picnic lunch that consisted of turkey sandwiches, strawberries, pickles, baked lays, water, and Chocolate Jello pudding snacks (sugar-free, of course). We actually brought a lot of food home; we were too busy having fun fishing to actual sit and eat.

Unfortunately , the only thing we caught was a wicked, old craw-dad. Not much fun.

So glad to spend the day outdoors, catching some Vitamin D, and getting a little exercise in!

Tomorrow - I go hard core. For a long time, I've been okay with how I look... Perhaps my mirror was lying to me? Now my mirror (let's face it - ALL mirrors) and my scale seem to be in cahoots - showing me the REAL picture. I finally realize how big I look to other people.  The wake-up call came when I was at the Chiro, trying to do my stretches... I looked completely awful.

Another reason to go hard core? Isabel!  School for my daughter starts in less than 2 months - I promised her a whole new, fancy wardrobe if she walked with me this summer. Got to get walking... For the sake of both of us!

Hasta luego!

June 15, 2010

[ he wants to see me again ]

So... I had my date with the chiro yesterday. The end of my spine is supposed to be curved towards the back a little (if you were looking at me from the side)... mine is straight! =(

The treatment plan is 3x a week for 8 weeks. The price was decent...considering my insurance. This company is fantastic - and they actually waive my 40% (I guess I am only covered at 60%).  So, included in this treatment plan is Physical Therapy, Adjustments, and Massage & Trigger Point Therapy.  I completed the first treatment yesterday, and I go back on Wednesday and Friday to complete my first week.

For dinner last night (after a late & horrible for me snack), we had veggies (yellow squash, zucchini, mushrooms, and onions) along with a turkey and cheese wrap/sandwich thingy. Oh, and green grapes.

I am off to make breakfast for the daughter and I - mushroom & broccoli omelets with more grapes! :)  And I think I am going to make some hummus today. Eating healthy tastes SOOO good; I just wish it were more convenient.


June 14, 2010

[date with the chiro]

I've been wanting to get back to the gym, but my back has been killing me. I went to the chiro 2 weeks ago and had x-rays done. I haven't had a chance to go back yet to get the results. Hey, I've been busy complaining and being in a funk. Well... the doctor called me directly! He told me to get my ample bottom in there immediately. Okay. Maybe not in so many words. But he did say there are some findings and he really wants to discuss them with me. So... at 4pm, I will be back in the chiro's office waiting to hear about my stupid back. Reason #422 why I NEED to lose weight.

P.S. My awesome cousin, who is active and beautiful has decided she wants to get even more fit than she already is! She is waiting for P90x in the mail... And she has started a blog.  I will be adding it to my sidebar shortly so that I can cheer her on.

Later. ;)