May 23, 2011


It's the end of a lonnnnng day. Of course, I spent more time "blog hopping" then actually working... but still!

I tried to go on a ride with Nic this morning - but his trailer doesn't fit my bike, or there is a gadget missing, or something. So, I rode for all of 5 minutes while he tried to ride his big wheels. Didn't work so much.

Food: I had 2 eggs and 2 pieces of toast for breakfast, 1 glass of water. I had a Fiber One bar (130 cals) for snack two hours later. Two hours after that, I had a 9" sub from Subway (6" was mine, the other three was half of Nic's - he couldn't finish his... lol). For dinner I we have chicken breast tenders (I had two, less than 4oz for sure), roasted red potatoes and zucchini and mushrooms. Fruit punch Crystal Light and then another full glass of water. SUPER DELISH dinner. I have some leftovers for tomorrow! Yay!

Isa and I went for our new nightly bike ride... It's so hard to measure the distance since we zig zag a whole lot and go thru several parks, but we rode hard for 30 minutes exactly; I am sure it was at least 2-3 miles.

I think today was a good day; I could do better. I will do better. As soon as Isa is out of school, we are going to start doing Zumba 3x a week. Something fun and young for her - I think she will enjoy it!

Well, that's all folks! Another Monday come and gone!!

January 10, 2011

House full of sickies...

The past few days have been HARD... but not regarding my lifestyle change!! ;)
Still on track - so much so, I am down to 262!!
I couldn't believe it when I got on the scale today!

Love seeing that progress... makes me want to work harder!!

Now that I know everyone is going to live... lots to catch up on!

Be back soon!

January 5, 2011

Picture Perfect [just not photogenic]

Started a new trend...
I have nowhere to go, nowhere to be...
but I got up, got all did up, and I am feeling good.

Got my three mile bike ride in yesterday! It was fun & fast!!

January 3, 2011

One of the pitfalls of working from home...

I've been unlucky enough to work from home for the past two years. It makes for a perfect work/life balance. I work for a large bank, here in the U.S. so my days are filled with a lot of work. My little one Nic no longer goes to daycare though (he did for the first year, but since we bought a house and moved, we've yet to find anything close/worthwhile). I no longer need to drive my kids to school in the mornings - one walks, the other takes a bus (two different schools). I have no reason to get dressed or put make-up on.

I literally work in my pajamas. Heck, I live in my pajamas.

And when one is overweight, there is nothing worse than a make-up free, baggy pajama wearing freak.
That's me.

Generally, I have great self-esteem. I only ever worried about my weight when I was trying on clothes. All other times, I thought I looked good. I wore make-up, more shapley clothes, and made an effort.

I am sorry to say - I haven't made an effort in a long time. Yes, every once in a while I'd get gussied up to go out with the husband, or to take my daughter to a play. But for the most part - I let myself go. Like REALLY go.

I do nothing with my hair. It takes a huge force to get me to shave my legs most of the time. I am super pale white. When I look at myself in the mirror - I simply laugh out loud. Disgusted.

I decided that 2011 was going to be the year that I loved and took care of myself again. Sometime soon, I am going to purchase all new make-up. Get my hair cut (goodbye ugly ponytail, hello cute cut!). I am going to take a shower EVERY SINGLE DAY (even if my only plans are to sit in my house and work). I am going to shave those legs, EVERY SINGLE DAY (even if it is cold out and my legs won't see the light of the day). I am going to put forth a huge effort. Because I should LOVE myself and take CARE of myself.

So, I hope my new efforts (weight loss included) will work together to make me happier and more excited about things again. I am ready for it and I know my family is. I don't want them to be ashamed to be seen with their pasty white, alien looking mom.

* Please note, I take a ton of hot baths. I do not go unbathed. lol... But I spend most of my bath time catching up on my thoughts and reading (remember - 3 kids!). I need to get in the mode of taking a shower every morning to get my butt up and going for the day.

January 2, 2011

Day 2: Stats

While it's really day one for me, it's day two of my challenge.

After a dinner of this delicious soup (leftovers from yesterday):

The kids turned on the Wii for me (and got to try out my new Just Dance II game):


I weighed in at 266 (down from mid December by 4 pounds).  So that is my official starting weight of the new year... 266.

My workout today consisted of 10 Minutes of Wii Fit, 4 songs of Just Dance II, and up and down (all fast like) on my stairs (18 steps) 5 times.  I think it was about 30 minutes.  Tomorrow will be more traditional of a work out, I am sure. All the other stuff will be a bonus! 

A bit behind already

It's already the second day of the new year and I have yet to post any goals or resolutions.
It's not my fault, really. Well, maybe it is in a way.
You see, I was super sick (as in bed ridden) during Christmas Eve and Day... we couldn't do our normal celebration. We postponed it until yesterday (to ensure all of the germies were out of the house).

So... while it was my intention to get going - hard - yesterday, I was loaded with presents and lots of good food. I also was a bit of a couch potato. =(  However, I did make dinner last night - and it was sooo good and very healthy! And I've started my water kick. No more soda and juices for me!

Today was another weird day - but I am sure to be on track for tomorrow. I've already stocked my fridge with good for us food and have a meal plan created for the entire week.  I've got plans to get my scale & camera out tonight to document "the start." And finally, the kids and the husband gave me Just Dance II  so I will be getting my workout in for sure.

I may have been slow to start - but I am ready to continue!

Hope you all had a wonderful Sunday!  Tomorrow it's back to work for me and back to school for the kids. I've really enjoyed my three week vacation - but I think I am ready for a schedule again!

December 30, 2010

Right around the corner...

The new year is right around the corner, and I am feeling fine!
I ate breakfast today - Yay! I don't always eat breakfast, but I am determined!

I am working on my shopping list and meal plan for the week - I will post in a bit.

I've just downloaded a few dozen apps on my Droid... including a calorie counter!

I will be updating my pages (what I ate, workouts, etc) on a daily basis.

I am ready to start the challenges (Marcy's and Syl's) in January!

I don't currently have a scale in the house, so I will have to use my Wii Fit one... With the way the TV is positioned, I have to work out on carpet, but I have to do the weighing in on tile. Otherwise it thinks I weigh 20 lbs less than I really do. :P

Did I mention I am ready and excited?!?!