July 12, 2010

[ it didn't burn down ]

I am impressed that The Gym didn't burn down when I walked through the doors.
And nobody snickered.
Or pointed.
Or tried to convince me I was in the wrong location.

I am overweight and way out of shape. But I plan to keep it real.
This is why I went to the gym today:

Despite what you might think... I am NOT 13 months pregnant with triplets.
The husband took this shot on our vacation this past Wednesday.
I don't FEEL that fat.
That's what's making this SO hard.

Just as a side note, after seeing how horrible my hair looked in that picture, I cut it off.
And got it colored.

But that doesn't change the shape and health of my body.

Back to my AM workout.
(wait, I should add I had a medium banana - to get me going!)
I started off on the treadmill.
3mph 1.5 incline
I lasted for 7 minutes...
My calves are soooo tight.
And my shins are killing me.
I am not sure how I fix either of those problems...
More working out?
After the treadmill, I did some upper body weights.
Well, it was with a weight stick, pole thingy.
That felt good.
After that, I tried the elliptical.
For abt a minute.
I hate that thing.

Then I wandered down to the recumbent bikes.
I can handle that better than the treadmill.
I rode (?) for 2.5 miles - in 10 minutes.
Still not a whole lot, but at least I wasn't still asleep in my warm and cozy bed.

After the bike, I jumped back on the treadmill
and ran for 1 minute.
5.6 mph with a 2% incline.

I had to end the workout a bit short, mostly because I was dying,
but also because my dad needed me to take him to work today.
Before I picked him up, I stopped at McDonald's...
to use their restroom.
Nothing more!

Here is a pic of me after I got home...

Then it was time to get the day started.
Since my fridge was now loaded with veggies, veggies, and more veggies...
It was time to make breakfast for me and the kids.

Egg and Cheese English Muffin
Apple Slices w/ Almond Butter
Glass of Water

Wait, I don't have one veggie listed there.
Don't worry, I saved those for lunch and dinner.

Speaking of lunch...
Whole Wheat tortilla with sliced turkey, Munster cheese
and spicy mustard...
with carrots, a small banana, and a few almonds.

I had another Chiro appointment today, which is good because
I am able to get my stretches in, a massage, and an adjustment.

For dinner...
We had turkey breast (grilled), roasted zucchini and yellow squash,
corn on the cob, and Mandarin oranges.

Just to put it in writing, I don't have a great starting weight.
My scale broke.
Someone dropped something (liquid) on it, and it went
We have another scale that read 265...
I think it's between 265 and 270.
Too bad I couldn't find the scale that read 145!
I forgot to weigh myself at the gym.
I was too busy dying... remember?

July 11, 2010

[ got my list, checking it twice ]

We are home from vacation...
It's time to go grocery shopping.
I've used all of my favorite blogs to get inspiration (especially Jessica's).

As soon as we get back I will post my meal plan for the week.
Everyone is home, no more summer school - so that means breakfast, lunch AND dinner meals to plan!

July 3, 2010

[ the dreaded "v" word ]

Yep... I am going on Vacation! In fact, we leave in less than 24 hours. We are going to San Diego for the week. But I promise [and look, it's in writing!] that I will make healthy choices, drink lots of water, and walk a ton (that's a given, the beach and Legoland require WALKING!).

I also promise that when we get back, I am going to hit the gym 3-4 days a week.
I promise.

Happy July 4th!