May 25, 2010

[ the scale is the devil. for reals ]

It's been a while.
I struggle with the decision to continue this blog. But I feel I need an outlet...
I had an outpatient surgery on Thursday; had to have a cyst removed. Recovery has been a b!tch.
The scale at the surgery center said 270.
I called "bull sh!t."
It was right. I was wrong.
How the heck have I gained almost 20 pounds in 5 months?
I am so close to 300 - it's scary.
How did this happen?

I saw this quote/tagline today...
Everyday decisions add up to something amazing.

I fell in love with it.
Amazing is attainable. I just have to make the right decision.
Choosing what type of food to eat is not the same as choosing your partner for life, what type of car to get, to stay or leave your current position. Those are hard decisions. Twinkie vs. The Carrot Stick. Not hard. Quite easy, in fact.

My decision is to keep the blog going.