May 23, 2011


It's the end of a lonnnnng day. Of course, I spent more time "blog hopping" then actually working... but still!

I tried to go on a ride with Nic this morning - but his trailer doesn't fit my bike, or there is a gadget missing, or something. So, I rode for all of 5 minutes while he tried to ride his big wheels. Didn't work so much.

Food: I had 2 eggs and 2 pieces of toast for breakfast, 1 glass of water. I had a Fiber One bar (130 cals) for snack two hours later. Two hours after that, I had a 9" sub from Subway (6" was mine, the other three was half of Nic's - he couldn't finish his... lol). For dinner I we have chicken breast tenders (I had two, less than 4oz for sure), roasted red potatoes and zucchini and mushrooms. Fruit punch Crystal Light and then another full glass of water. SUPER DELISH dinner. I have some leftovers for tomorrow! Yay!

Isa and I went for our new nightly bike ride... It's so hard to measure the distance since we zig zag a whole lot and go thru several parks, but we rode hard for 30 minutes exactly; I am sure it was at least 2-3 miles.

I think today was a good day; I could do better. I will do better. As soon as Isa is out of school, we are going to start doing Zumba 3x a week. Something fun and young for her - I think she will enjoy it!

Well, that's all folks! Another Monday come and gone!!