February 28, 2010

[i did it]

After all of these years - I've finally done it. I joined a gym. Our complex where we live now has a rink-a-dink of a gym, but I am looking for something more. I need a place I can drop the chitlins off at - a place that would allow my 14 year old to strength train (frosh football coming up!) - a place that would be fun to go to!


It's going to cost us a pretty penny, but we can handle it. We will just have to cut out one Olive Garden dinner and one Subway lunch per month. (Note: We were going to do that anyway, but just looking at this as a bonus!)  ;)

The great thing is that there is no contract - it's month-to-month. If we don't like it, we don’t have to continue with it. However, I am almost positive we are going to love the hell out of it.

I was getting pretty worried; I've labeled March an unplugged, get outside, get active, no-sugar kinda month - aka March Madness. I am supposed to unplug the electronics tonight - and I am starting to freak out. What the heck am I going to do with three kids for the next 31 days? I had gotten an email from Lifetime, offering us to start with no enrollment fee. I decided to call to see if they would give me specifics over the phone. They did; I was sold.

So, I am now the owner of a Bronze level Family Membership! Nico (3) and Izzy (10) will be able to spend up to two hours at the Children's Center doing fitness stuff, crafts, and reading time. After the two hours are up, I can take the kids swimming. They have a fantastic water slide and family pool for when it warms up more (which won't be too much longer!).

Anyway, I am excited. I have never made such a huge commitment before.

I am doing this!

[i ♥ mushrooms]

i could eat them everyday. i do not like them raw, however. they have to be cooked.

sometimes i eat them as a side, sometimes i mix them with zucchini - just the regular white button ones. i have recently taken to eating them cooked, but cooled off, in my regular green salad. (tasty!)

can a girl eat too many? is there a rule about how much is too much? need i worry?

February 27, 2010

[Me vs. The Farmer's Market]

Well - I won. I defeated the Farmer's Market! Or so I like to think!  I got a ton of fruit and veggies for less than $50.

I immediately came home and started washing and sorting. 'Member that blender I told you about? (if not, scroll down - I'll wait).... Well, I want to put it to GREAT use next week. I thought it would be pretty easy to organize the fruit and bag/freeze it based on the types of smoothies we want to try.

Look at all of this delciousness... the kids kept coming by stealing berries and carrots - I can't complain!

Sorry about the date and time on the picture; I cannot find my camera, so I had to use my husband's work camera!

Here is a list of the smoothie flavors I created.

I figured the carrots and spinach are a MUST. I also read somewhere that people put oatmeal, cheerios, or other types of healthy cereals right into the smoothie; probably makes it more filling. So, I will most likely do the same. I will use ice and yogurt (plain, fat free) as a base and then just take one of the baggies out of the freezer and toss it into the blender.

To ensure the kids (and hubby) get enough protein, I will also have items like string cheese and hard boiled eggs on hand! Eventually, I may consider getting a protein powder to mix into the smoothies; we will see!

I will start my blending marathon on Monday morning at 6am!

February 25, 2010


Here is the [real] starting picture.  Hope I am not scaring anyone out there!
It has to get better; right?

February 23, 2010


I went to Target today and purchased my new blender. I am looking forward to my shopping trip to the Farmer's Market this weekend to load up on fruits and veggies - all in hopes of making some healthy smoothies for the family.

February 22, 2010

[Week 1 - Weigh In]

Monday will be my weigh-in day.
Here we go...

Weight: 261.6
Bone Mass: 4.0
Body Water %: 21.5
BMI: 43.4

Current Vice: Sweet Tea

February 21, 2010

[Getting Organized]

I hate that I feel I have to get organized before starting any type of weight loss program. Especially considering that nothing has worked in the past. Why does it always have to be a Monday? Or the first of the month? Or better yet, the first of the year?

Why can't I make small changes NOW and then figure the rest out? I know the basic stuff; no soda, get off the couch and MOVE!, eat veggies and fruits... I know all of that. I feel that when I spend hours preparing a menu, or a workout schedule - I think I have accomplished something. And perhaps I have - but not to the extent that I have actually lost some weight. And by the time I am done figuring out that last meal - I am bored with the whole weight loss thing.

Small changes. Over time. Really, just to get healthy and to treat my body right.

I can do that, right?