February 21, 2010

[Getting Organized]

I hate that I feel I have to get organized before starting any type of weight loss program. Especially considering that nothing has worked in the past. Why does it always have to be a Monday? Or the first of the month? Or better yet, the first of the year?

Why can't I make small changes NOW and then figure the rest out? I know the basic stuff; no soda, get off the couch and MOVE!, eat veggies and fruits... I know all of that. I feel that when I spend hours preparing a menu, or a workout schedule - I think I have accomplished something. And perhaps I have - but not to the extent that I have actually lost some weight. And by the time I am done figuring out that last meal - I am bored with the whole weight loss thing.

Small changes. Over time. Really, just to get healthy and to treat my body right.

I can do that, right?

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