February 28, 2010

[i did it]

After all of these years - I've finally done it. I joined a gym. Our complex where we live now has a rink-a-dink of a gym, but I am looking for something more. I need a place I can drop the chitlins off at - a place that would allow my 14 year old to strength train (frosh football coming up!) - a place that would be fun to go to!


It's going to cost us a pretty penny, but we can handle it. We will just have to cut out one Olive Garden dinner and one Subway lunch per month. (Note: We were going to do that anyway, but just looking at this as a bonus!)  ;)

The great thing is that there is no contract - it's month-to-month. If we don't like it, we don’t have to continue with it. However, I am almost positive we are going to love the hell out of it.

I was getting pretty worried; I've labeled March an unplugged, get outside, get active, no-sugar kinda month - aka March Madness. I am supposed to unplug the electronics tonight - and I am starting to freak out. What the heck am I going to do with three kids for the next 31 days? I had gotten an email from Lifetime, offering us to start with no enrollment fee. I decided to call to see if they would give me specifics over the phone. They did; I was sold.

So, I am now the owner of a Bronze level Family Membership! Nico (3) and Izzy (10) will be able to spend up to two hours at the Children's Center doing fitness stuff, crafts, and reading time. After the two hours are up, I can take the kids swimming. They have a fantastic water slide and family pool for when it warms up more (which won't be too much longer!).

Anyway, I am excited. I have never made such a huge commitment before.

I am doing this!

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