February 27, 2010

[Me vs. The Farmer's Market]

Well - I won. I defeated the Farmer's Market! Or so I like to think!  I got a ton of fruit and veggies for less than $50.

I immediately came home and started washing and sorting. 'Member that blender I told you about? (if not, scroll down - I'll wait).... Well, I want to put it to GREAT use next week. I thought it would be pretty easy to organize the fruit and bag/freeze it based on the types of smoothies we want to try.

Look at all of this delciousness... the kids kept coming by stealing berries and carrots - I can't complain!

Sorry about the date and time on the picture; I cannot find my camera, so I had to use my husband's work camera!

Here is a list of the smoothie flavors I created.

I figured the carrots and spinach are a MUST. I also read somewhere that people put oatmeal, cheerios, or other types of healthy cereals right into the smoothie; probably makes it more filling. So, I will most likely do the same. I will use ice and yogurt (plain, fat free) as a base and then just take one of the baggies out of the freezer and toss it into the blender.

To ensure the kids (and hubby) get enough protein, I will also have items like string cheese and hard boiled eggs on hand! Eventually, I may consider getting a protein powder to mix into the smoothies; we will see!

I will start my blending marathon on Monday morning at 6am!

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