January 3, 2011

One of the pitfalls of working from home...

I've been unlucky enough to work from home for the past two years. It makes for a perfect work/life balance. I work for a large bank, here in the U.S. so my days are filled with a lot of work. My little one Nic no longer goes to daycare though (he did for the first year, but since we bought a house and moved, we've yet to find anything close/worthwhile). I no longer need to drive my kids to school in the mornings - one walks, the other takes a bus (two different schools). I have no reason to get dressed or put make-up on.

I literally work in my pajamas. Heck, I live in my pajamas.

And when one is overweight, there is nothing worse than a make-up free, baggy pajama wearing freak.
That's me.

Generally, I have great self-esteem. I only ever worried about my weight when I was trying on clothes. All other times, I thought I looked good. I wore make-up, more shapley clothes, and made an effort.

I am sorry to say - I haven't made an effort in a long time. Yes, every once in a while I'd get gussied up to go out with the husband, or to take my daughter to a play. But for the most part - I let myself go. Like REALLY go.

I do nothing with my hair. It takes a huge force to get me to shave my legs most of the time. I am super pale white. When I look at myself in the mirror - I simply laugh out loud. Disgusted.

I decided that 2011 was going to be the year that I loved and took care of myself again. Sometime soon, I am going to purchase all new make-up. Get my hair cut (goodbye ugly ponytail, hello cute cut!). I am going to take a shower EVERY SINGLE DAY (even if my only plans are to sit in my house and work). I am going to shave those legs, EVERY SINGLE DAY (even if it is cold out and my legs won't see the light of the day). I am going to put forth a huge effort. Because I should LOVE myself and take CARE of myself.

So, I hope my new efforts (weight loss included) will work together to make me happier and more excited about things again. I am ready for it and I know my family is. I don't want them to be ashamed to be seen with their pasty white, alien looking mom.

* Please note, I take a ton of hot baths. I do not go unbathed. lol... But I spend most of my bath time catching up on my thoughts and reading (remember - 3 kids!). I need to get in the mode of taking a shower every morning to get my butt up and going for the day.

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