June 19, 2010

[had fun, ate well...wait, i look like that?]

Today, the family and I went up to the lake. We took a picnic lunch that consisted of turkey sandwiches, strawberries, pickles, baked lays, water, and Chocolate Jello pudding snacks (sugar-free, of course). We actually brought a lot of food home; we were too busy having fun fishing to actual sit and eat.

Unfortunately , the only thing we caught was a wicked, old craw-dad. Not much fun.

So glad to spend the day outdoors, catching some Vitamin D, and getting a little exercise in!

Tomorrow - I go hard core. For a long time, I've been okay with how I look... Perhaps my mirror was lying to me? Now my mirror (let's face it - ALL mirrors) and my scale seem to be in cahoots - showing me the REAL picture. I finally realize how big I look to other people.  The wake-up call came when I was at the Chiro, trying to do my stretches... I looked completely awful.

Another reason to go hard core? Isabel!  School for my daughter starts in less than 2 months - I promised her a whole new, fancy wardrobe if she walked with me this summer. Got to get walking... For the sake of both of us!

Hasta luego!

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