June 14, 2010

[date with the chiro]

I've been wanting to get back to the gym, but my back has been killing me. I went to the chiro 2 weeks ago and had x-rays done. I haven't had a chance to go back yet to get the results. Hey, I've been busy complaining and being in a funk. Well... the doctor called me directly! He told me to get my ample bottom in there immediately. Okay. Maybe not in so many words. But he did say there are some findings and he really wants to discuss them with me. So... at 4pm, I will be back in the chiro's office waiting to hear about my stupid back. Reason #422 why I NEED to lose weight.

P.S. My awesome cousin, who is active and beautiful has decided she wants to get even more fit than she already is! She is waiting for P90x in the mail... And she has started a blog.  I will be adding it to my sidebar shortly so that I can cheer her on.

Later. ;)

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