June 29, 2010

[ so many reasons... ]

...you know - like 130!?

I just got an email from the photographers who handled my graduation pics. They had these babies included:

Imagine what I looked like on the THREE jumbo trons. THREE!
I have a picture from last July to compare it to - it's when I walked for my undergrad.
I don't have it to post, unfortunately...
but I assure you -
there is a difference.

Just today, I sat at my desk and looked at the 5 cups from various take-out places.
And wondered why seeing those cups wasn't enough to get me riled up about losing weight.

What is wrong with me?


Edited to add what I ate for dinner.

We don't have a whole lot in the house; we are going on vacation starting on Sunday, so I thought we would eat from our pantry and freezer.

Tonight, we had lettuce (a leaf of romaine) wraps with brown rice, black beans & corn, shredded chicken (rotisserie from Costco), and a little raspberry vinaigrette to top it off.

It was fantastic!!

It felt really good to eat it!

Tomorrow is going to be just as good.

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