December 29, 2010

Have you met Marcy?

I found Marcelle [link]about a year ago - I read her entire blog, one entry after another. And then one day, she went private (at least on her older/other blog). I still kept her in my blog roll and checked out her blog regularly, hoping that one day I would get in.

No such luck.

Until one day (okay, a few days ago), I was reading Syl's blog - about her challenge - and I saw in the comment field a note from Marcy. I almost died.

I immediately clicked on her profile, to make sure it was her. It was.
And then I began to read. I wanted to see what Marcy had been up.

That woman truly amazes me.
I am drawn to the fact she lives in Germany as I lived in Germany myself for about five years (back in the 80s). I am drawn to the fact that she is South African - what a gorgeous country.
I am absolutely drawn to her before and now pictures.  She looks like a lovely lady... but that NOW picture on her blog has me stoked.  It makes me want to get up and shake my ample bottom. It makes me want to eat well and work out mucho.

I got my eye on Marcy - and whether she knows it or not - she is inspiring me to make this lifestyle change, once and for all.

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