March 5, 2010

[Here's da deal, Schmeal]

The Husband and I arrived promptly at 11am this morning at our new Gym to have our initial unfit assessments done.  I've outlined everything our trainer gave us below (the numbers in green are our initial goals, not our final goals).  My weight on the scale at the Gym was 264 - at home it's 261. I think the ASU Sun Devil's hat, Nike Shoes, and workout clothes played a part in the difference. They wouldn't let me strip down to my nudies (yes, nudies) to get a more accurate reading; Believe Me - I asked!

The Husband is fitter than I - but not by much; we both have mega work to do. I signed us up for 2 more training sessions each ($160 total) and will re-evaluate if we need more at a later date. For the sake of my pocketbook (which feels skinnier than I at times), I'd almost like to try and squeeze in a session for us each once a month - something to keep us accountable but something that won't break the bank.

This is where I need YOUR help (hello, helloo, hellooo - anyone out there?)...
My trainer dude said that my MAX VO2 is really bad. Something about how I am not getting any oxygen when I am working out (well, that explains the brain damage!). After the 5 minutes on the treadmill at an incline of 5 and speed of 3.5, my heart rate was 176.  While I am fond of any number with a 76 in it (hello, birth year!) - trainer dude wasn't pleased.  He said there is this test I can do with a Jason-like mask (ok, not that bad) that will test the MAX VO2 more accurately and then provide me with a detailed workout plan that ensures I am on target. He says at the rate I am going, I may burn sugar, but I won't be burning fat.  Anyone know anything about this? The test is $150 and I get to keep the Jason-like mask (hmm, wonder if the husband wants to role-play, hubba hubba?!?!).  

Without further ado - the numbers:

18" calf? Don't be jealous!!

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