March 5, 2010

[Sweet & Sassy]

So, I started this post while in class last night, but didn't finish - it was my last night of Economics. Yesterday was a very difficult. I had a lot of deliverables for work and a final paper for class.  I also had the Husband and Kid 3 around all day. Breakfast was 2 small pancakes with strawberry jam, lunch was non-existent, and dinner was a salad (grilled chicken) from Wendy' and a water. And a small snack size bag of pretzels.

I am mad at Wendy's for no longer serving Sweet Tea! I even got sassy with the drive-thru dude. They said they stopped selling it on Monday. [OK! WHO TOLD WENDY'S THAT I JOINED THE GYM ON MONDAY?!?!]  I continued to be cute and asked if they were still selling water, or would I have to go to McDonald's to get that.  I have to hand it to the drive-thru dude, he kept it together and didn't spit in my salad (I think).

There were a few other stressful things that happened yesterday - but I don't want to start crying about them again bore you with the details.  The main thing is I survived. and didn't do so by eating a tub of Rocky Road

Today is a NEW day. The sky is BLUE. The sun is OUT. It's FRIDAY! We have our unfit assessments at the gym in 2 hours. Today's going to be a good day.

Have you ever had a fit assessment? How bad is it? Should I bring a paper bag to put over my head? I'm just askin'...

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