December 9, 2010

[two twenties]

Long story short... I am outta cash this week. Hate to admit that, but such is life.  Who knew purchasing a new home would SUCK the dollar bills right outta ya?!

Thankfully, I hit Sprouts a few days back and have some good veggies to munch on. I have $40 to spend at the grocery store today... We need some stuff to go with the veggies.  I have a pantry full of stuff - so we will be getting creative with what's in there. But the whole being broke thing doesn't really jive with eat fresh & healthy thing.

A few things in my fridge...
Brussel Sprouts
Potatoes (in the pantry, to be accurate)

I have NO meat (of any kind) in the freezer, so we will be feasting on veggies and what ever is in the pantry (pasta, I am sure).   I don't want to spend my last $40 on meat, so I think I need to get some cucumbers (I bought 5, but the husband and kids love eating them with lemon and salt)... some milk, some bread (school lunches), some eggs, and cheese... I guess I should make a list. A real one. On paper.

Thankfully, we are well stocked on the essentials (TP, paper towels, and such)...

This just goes to prove I need to get my organizing on... Can't be running out of food. That whole not eating thing?! That's a whole other kind of diet. [one i am not interested in!]

Is it the 15th [pay day] yet?! ;)

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  1. I hate those times right before pay day when you just don't have the cash. It sucks when it comes time for groceries!