March 2, 2010

[Just Some Stuff]

The husband and I went to the Lifetime Fitness yesterday and got our membership cards and did the nickel tour (although, I would prolly say its value was a bit more than that, our tourguide/membership gal rocked!). The place is ah-mazing. We cannot wait to take the kids there.

We were given a $150 credit towards services to use up by the end of March - and since our daughter, Izzy, is unable to use the workout part of the gym, I am going to enroll her in a Kid Fit program. It's a seven week program that meets twice per week, and teaches the kids about health, fitness, and self-esteem. They do exercises, play games, and just get active. As you can prolly imagine from my buttprint, some of our horrible habits have rubbed off on our children; the boys are pretty much slender - but Izzy is like me and she's only 10 (11 next month). My sweet girl lurrves to eat - a lot. Is constantly worried that her brothers may be getting something she isn't, that she's missing a meal or a treat. She always asks for seconds. This all wouldn't be a problem, except the kids are not very active. Ok, they aren't active at all.

Izzy weighs 150 pounds. Resources I've looked at suggests a healthy weight for a 10 year old is 90-100 pounds. She has some work ahead of her. But because she is sooo young, it has to be a lifestyle change. It's one of the main reasons we joined this gym.

To get us started, I've signed us up for our first 5k! It's on Saturday, March 27th. So, how are 2 old (grumble, grumble) and overweight peeps and their kiddos going to do a run they haven’t even begun training for? The answer? Very carefully. ;)

The 5k is called Run Wild -- it's at the Phoenix Zoo! They have a 5k run/walk for the adults, and then a 1k for the kids! We get t-shirts, numbers, refreshments, and gear - AND we get free admittance to the zoo for the day. Can't beat that! So, I will schmooze my parents into coming so they can keep Nico (the 3 year old) entertained while we die walk-run out there in the lovely Arizona sun. Thankfully, we start at 7:30am.

We enjoyed Spinach, Mushroom and Zucchini lasagna for dinner last side – with a big bowl of grapes. While the lasagna was good, I realized that we cannot go the month with no meat, but eating pasta every day. I am off to Costco today to grab lettuce and stuff for salads. Our family ♥’s salads – so we can do this. So long as I get my lazy butt in gear and actually make them.

Anyhoo... that’s my update.

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  1. Congrats on signing up for your first 5K. YOU CAN DO IT!!!